Ruben Zarculea is a self-taught artist, started in 2021.

His paintings and drawings shows beautiful people and models.

In some of his paintings you see models, but sadness breaks out behind the beautiful facades.

Ruben himself has worked as a model from early age of 19 years and as art director for large advertising companies and influencers with a large following of 1Million+ later on. He even launched an art and techno music open air music festival in Vienna that had more than 25.000 people attending for more than 5 years.

He knows the reality behind the (social) media image - a perfect but sad world where he was fully part of it.

Techno Parties, drugs, and sex was part of his life for many years. Not unusual for this environment.

"There were moments as an art director, when I was editing a photo of a perfect looking model and had to lengthen the proportional already super long legs.

On the way home after a long day at work, he still retouched some women on the subway in his head. 

At that time Instagram wasn't even born.

"Something's wrong in this weird world", he thought then.

He worked as a graphic designer for a long time. He can easily spot the difference between reality and fiction. Between real beauty and photoshop. 

Contrary to that, the average human, doesn’t.

And because of that, they get insecure, anxious, depressed and have weight disorders and many other mental health problems. „Beautiful appearances are deceptive,” says the artist that struggled with depression for 11 years until he started with art into 2021. For more than a year now he is free of depression, doing what he loves and living a healthy and balanced lifestyle.

He is painting art that is expressing his former lifestyle and giving hope and faith to a now extremely mentally broken world.

This is his mission as an artist.