'CONFIDENCE' is a part of a series "MIRROR" created in 2023.

A woman emerges from the depths of a velvety black backdrop, her gaze lifted skyward with unwavering confidence. Against the darkness, her presence radiates with an aura of empowerment, commanding attention and respect.

Color splashes cascade over her face, like bursts of emotion and vitality erupting from within. Vibrant hues dance across her features, imbuing her countenance with an electrifying energy that illuminates the canvas.

With every stroke of pigment, the essence of her spirit is brought to life—a symphony of boldness and determination that resonates with the viewer. Her expression is one of quiet strength and resolve, a testament to her unwavering belief in herself and her abilities.

In this captivating portrait, the woman becomes a symbol of resilience and defiance, challenging the darkness with her radiant presence.

Size: 70  x 100 cm

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