*For timed release pre-orders, the edition will be ready after sale and then put into production, so please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.*

Collector's edition high-precision «JOKER» artwork reproduction
50 x 50 cm or 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm

Original: 80 x 80 cm, acrylic on canvas. Original Sold in Private Collection.

'JOKER' is a part of a series "FACELESS" created in 2023.

In a riot of vibrant colors, the Joker emerges from the depths of the canvas, his identity shrouded in a veil of intrigue. Against a backdrop of swirling hues reminiscent of a fever dream, he stands as a figure of enigmatic allure.

Though his face remains obscured, his presence is unmistakable. Silhouetted against a kaleidoscope of blues, purples, and fiery oranges, the Joker's form twists and contorts with an otherworldly energy. His posture exudes an air of manic glee, as if he is perpetually on the brink of unleashing chaos upon the world.

Every brushstroke is a burst of vitality, every color a testament to the complexity of his character. Splashes of electric green dance alongside bursts of crimson red, mirroring the tumultuous emotions that churn within him. Yet amidst the chaos, there is a strange kind of beauty—a beauty born of madness and unpredictability.

In this artwork, the Joker transcends his role as a mere villain; he becomes a symbol of the human condition, a reflection of the duality that exists within us all. And though his face remains hidden, his essence permeates every inch of the canvas, leaving an indelible mark on the viewer's psyche. For in the end, the true power of the Joker lies not in his appearance, but in the kaleidoscope of emotions that he embodies.


Collector's edition prints are as close as possible to the original painting in terms of the visual component, although they are smaller.

Reproductions of this kind allow the owner to touch closer to the original work of art without having the original, while retaining the uniqueness thanks to high-tech printing and limited edition, as

well as the author's signature with an individual number assigned.


The exact dimensions are 50x50cm or 80x80cm 100x100cm

⚫ Limited edition reproductions (prints) are produced in small batches under strict control of compliance with the requirements for print quality visual and tactile
properties of the final product.

All printed copies are carefully inspected to ensure that the tonal delta is more accurate than the tolerance values, so that each print from the run does not in any way differ from the others in the batch by tone and color.

Each artwork is printed on canvas.

Size: 50 x 50 cm or 80 x 80 cm

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