*For timed release pre-orders, the edition will be ready after sale and then put into production, so please allow approximately 3 weeks for delivery.*

Collector's edition high-precision «Oppenheimer» artwork reproduction
50 x 50 cm or 80 x 80 cm or 100 x 100 cm

Original: 140 x 100 cm, acrylic on canvas. Original available in shop.

'Oppenheimer' is a part of a series "COLORS" created in 2023.

In this mesmerizing abstract portrait, the essence of Cillian Murphy's portrayal of Oppenheimer in vivid neon colors transcends the conventional. Against a backdrop reminiscent of the cosmos, his face emerges with an ethereal luminosity, suffused with a tranquil blue hue that hints at depths of contemplation and intrigue.

Swirls of neon colors dance and intertwine around his visage, mirroring the complexity of his character and the enigmatic nature of his role in history. Each brushstroke is imbued with a sense of movement and dynamism, capturing the essence of Oppenheimer's transformative journey.

Despite the abstract rendering, Murphy's features remain recognizable, imbued with a sense of gravitas and intensity that captivates the viewer. His eyes, pools of shadow and light, seem to hold the secrets of the universe, reflecting the weight of the decisions that lie ahead.

In this abstract interpretation of Oppenheimer, the artist invites the viewer to contemplate the profound complexities of humanity and the moral dilemmas that shape our destiny. With its vibrant neon colors and hauntingly beautiful portrayal, this portrait serves as a captivating homage to both the character and the actor who brings him to life.

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